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Universal Player High-Absorbent Bamboo Sweatband (Single Pack)

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Vogel Hockey Bamboo High-Absorbent Sweatbands are made to fit many applications. Even though they are specifically designed for player ice hockey helmets they can fit many other sport helmets and even non-sport gear, such as construction helmets, bicycle helmets, football, lacrosse,  etc.

This sweatband is different from the original Vogel Hockey Bamboo High-Absorbent Sweatbands. They are the bamboo sweatband you love and trust but with a difference. On the back of these sweatbands is a flat area where the Magic Adhesive Tape is applied. Remember, this version is not designed for Velcro. The adhesive tape attached to the bamboo sweatband is then applied to the inside forehead area of the desired helmet. The Magic Adhesive Tape can be easily removed from the helmet but also the sweatband is easily peelable from the Magic Adhesive Tape for washing. The Magic Adhesive Tape is not recommended to be washed.

This package contains one Universal Player Thin High-Absorbent Bamboo Sweatband and one strip of Magic Adhesive Tape (approx 7 inches long) 

Bamboo sweatbands are made with 100% bamboo viscose and are much softer than cotton and terry cloth. 

Hypoallergenic & Anti-Microbial! All sweatbands get smelly and are packed with harmful bacteria. These bamboo sweatbands naturally resist toxic germs, odors, fungus & more. Ideal for acne-prone skin! 

No Harsh Dyes or Chemicals! 

Safer for the Environment: Most cotton is grown with pesticides. But our organically grown bamboo is never exposed to herbicides or fungicides. 

Measurements: This Universal High-Absorbent Bamboo Sweatband measures approximately 8 inches across and about .5~ inches wide. We can custom make any size. So please email us if you want a specific size! 

Cleaning Instructions: The material is very delicate. So, try not to wring them out too vigorously. If it snags in any place, just clip the snag rather than pulling any loose threads. Because the fiber is delicate, we recommend washing on gentle cycle, cold or warm water (no hotter than 104 degrees F). Some folks are extra careful and wash them in a mesh laundry bag. For drying, you can line dry or tumble dry low. 

For questions and comments please email us at: vogelhockey@gmail.com