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Vogel Hockey All Sport High-Absorbent Bamboo Headband *Adult Size*

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Vogel Hockey All Sport High-Absorbent Bamboo Headband  is finally here! 


This headband is good for any sporting event! From jogging to tennis, basketball to everything else... this headband will stay on your head and keep your face and head dry and cool. 

Vogel Hockey offers 2 different types of headbands.

We offer a headband that is held with elastic.

The other headband is a tie-back. 

The material used is 100% cotton. On the inside of the headband is our famous Vogel Hockey bamboo sweatband which is made from 100% organic dye free bamboo. For those of you who used your goalie/hockey bamboo sweatbands now is your chance to have one for other sports! 


Comes in one size for adults and one size fits all! 

Cleaning Instructions: The material is very delicate. So, try not to wring them out too vigorously. If it snags in any place, just clip the snag rather than pulling any loose threads. Because the fiber is delicate, we recommend washing on gentle cycle, cold or warm water (no hotter than 104 degrees F). Some folks are extra careful and wash them in a mesh laundry bag. For drying, you can line dry or tumble dry low.

For questions and comments please email us at: vogelhockey@gmail.com

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